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Here's What You'll Learn On This Coaching Adventure In Las Vegas :
At Overlook Mountain
Three Tools For Staying Out Of Confusion and Busy Work
Easily eliminate busy work.
Use enrollment keys for target marketing.
Create checks and balances on your time.
At The Race Track
Five High-Level Coaching Nuances Of The Best In The Industry
Learn how to build trust fast.
Turn expectations into agreements.
How to use the awkward ultimatum.
At The Last Stop
Three Stories You Must Tell In Your Coaching and Consulting Business
Hand craft your top three stories.
Learn when to use each story.
Start making better offers and sales.
Here's What You Get As An EPIC BONUS Training...
This training is worth $5,000... Yours FREE with Instant Access.
Lead-Gen, Branding and Conversion Processes
How To Coach 1-on-1 & Groups ( w / templates) 
Application Based Client Conversion Process
Bonus Audio Module #1
Set the stage for your business and properly setup, protect and legally structure everything right the first time. *** We are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice.

Plus, you will uncover your ideal target market and niche in a very unconventional way. Use our easy to follow business start-up checklists and our signature company branding discovery process.
Bonus Audio Module #2 
Create your ideal business structure and sales process flow or funnels. 

Use our script templates and sales funnels to convert potential clients into paying customers. We'll help you craft your business sales model by reverse engineer your ideal product sweep, their prices and your fulfillment methods. You'll also get support for architecting your company story to showcase your marketing message and attract your ideal clients. 
Bonus Audio Module #3 
Learn How To Be A Phenomenal Coach and leader. 

Practice the top 5 most challenging coaching situations, learn the art of asking powerful questions, learn how to properly hold someone accountable, learn to make powerful lesson plans, and most importantly, learn how to run a 1-on-1 client coaching call and how to run an organized group call. (You will get templates for everything!) 
Bonus Audio Module #4 
Mastering the 1-on-1 enrollment conversation. 

Determine if a client is qualified to work with you and learn how to effectively enroll them in person or on the phone into your program(s). You will be given our sales funnels, our application 10 question questionnaire and our discovery session script template.
Bonus Audio Module #5 
Prepare to 10X Your Business. 

How to LEAD, Leverage, Outsource and create your support team. This module focuses on leveraging your time, resources and daily schedule for ultimate efficiency. You learn to outsource the tasks and chores that will destroy your business if you continue to do them. Learn how to easily hire a Virtual Assistant, create a sales team, stay focused and how to get your websites and graphics created fast. More importantly, learn how to outsource the things that are not in your wheelhouse. We help you focus on 5 main tasks in your business.
Bonus Audio Module #6 
Marketing your brand and putting yourself out there. 

This tends to be the scariest part where the rubber meets the road, but don't fear, we make this process very very easy. This module you will blend your marketing message, your social media platforms and your advertising strategy into a cohesive marketing and branding campaign that works for your specific business model. The step by step action guides of this module will help you avoid wasting time, losing money and dealing with unnecessary rejection. 
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